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This doesn't mean you have to get a gun or a knife

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 This doesn't mean you have to get a gun or a knife, however (although pocket knives are given frequently as mementos to groomsmen). What sorts of things make for good groomsmen gifts? Primarily you want to remember that these are gifts from a guy to other guys: the groom to his best friends or close male relatives. It's a standard baseball, engraved with the couple's names, and set on an attractive display piece. Therefore, you obviously have to avoid anything that smacks of feminine. Engraved Money clips: These are quite affordable, and help the groomsmen hold their bills in place all while being reminded of your special day. Likewise, the tradition of giving gifts to those taking part in the wedding is centuries old--though admittedly, the phrase "groomsmen" and "groomsmen gifts" is of more recent development, and originates in western culture. Locket Keychains: Talk about a gift that does double duty! These keychains can hold the groomsmen's keys--but also photos of the happy new couple, so that they will always remember you and your wedding day. As you're buying your wedding accessories, do put some careful consideration in this area. Groomsmen have been part of wedding ceremonies for as far back as we can trace weddings throughout lamp cage shade Manufacturers history. For those who drink, they can drink a tall, frosty beer in it. This practical gift helps keep those cans cool. These really do offer your groomsmen a touch of class. That's why there are groomsmen, and that's why the groom should show his appreciation to these friends by purchasing groomsmen gifts for each of them. These are just a few of the literally hundreds of ideas you could use for your groomsmen gifts. For instance, you can use them to light candles, to give someone else a light, as light in a dark place, and so on. Engraved Can Cooler: Everyone has a canned drink from time to time, whether it's a Bud or a Coke. Engraved Baseball: This is a great gift for groomsmen who happen to be sports fanatics. Masculine is the order of the day for the best groomsmen gifts. Make sure that the groom's friends know just how important they are in his life--and that they will continue to be in his life, even after his wedding day. Sports Mugs: These are good, masculine gifts for any groomsmen. Engraved Multi-Purpose Tools: Most guys love these. While that's a good guiding philosophy, let's face it: A wedding doesn't work without the groom. These are engraved with the couple's names, to make for a gift that is both practical and memorable.It's been said many times that the wedding day is all bout the bride. Some popular items include: Zippo Lighter Gift Sets: Regardless of whether the guys smoke or not, everybody can use a lighter from time to time. Cocktail Shaker: Obviously best if you know that your groomsmen enjoy a cocktail from to time. They resemble Swiss Pocket Knives, but rather than blades, they focus on numerous tools that you can pull out and use when needed. He considers this a special day as well, and enjoys sharing it with his friend. Even if they don't drink, they can enjoy a tall, frosty root beer or other beverage of choice. It just means think with a male mind when you buy your groomsmen gifts.

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